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Good thing Lisa just read a book on the "wedding ring phenomenon"—you get more attention when you're already taken. Maybe it'll help Matt get his girl and Lisa can hook her own fish.Mary just broke up with this guy she's been seeing for six years.Bottom-line: when you pitch a script, you aren’t just selling the story, you’re selling yourself. Taking over the writing helm for Sharknado 5: Global Swarming is Scotty Mullen.Cameron Chapman speaks with Scotty about going from total beginner to working screenwriter in just four short years—an inspiring story for anyone looking to break in. The series, which will air later this year, will see five couples press pause on their relationships and spend one summer experiencing single life in London.

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The cameras will be there to capture the story of the ‘singletons’ living in luxury apartments in London and going to the hottest venues in town.

Marty Lang explains how the recent Writer's Guild negotiations garnered screenwriting lessons for beginning screenwriters and filmmakers.

If you studied the way this negotiation played out, there are some undeniable truths that can help you in your work.

Welcome to the next year of her life -- as she goes through a bazillion dates from hell.

[Includes gift shop shopping cart ] PHP Dating Script is an Extensive and Powerful dating website script written in PHP.

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