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We had one evening in the opera, and that was really great. In private, everybody is critical about the government and Lukaschenko.I was with my interpreter on the market and bought wonderful caviar for nothing (8 dollars for 100g of beluga). - A student wanted to come to Germany to write her dissertation. "With a dissertation about market economy I will make no career but land in jail." - People are extremely poor.Belarus lost almost half of its territory to Poland after the Polish–Soviet War of 1919–1921.

It has a grand "prospect" (boulevard), some Stalinist buildings and a small and quite charming old town.First, everyone we met at the wedding was wonderful. The wedding lasted all day and was extremely fun with lots of dancing, singing, vodka and tasty food. Except for the fashion, which was pretty out there.They were really happy that we showed "respect" by coming for the wedding, and treated us like royalty. * Very few stores accept credit card, even if they have the Visa or Mastercard logo. It's ok, as there's really nothing worth buying. The hot water is provided by the government and comes through the pipes at certain hours (I think 7AM-midnight). I'm italian and i want to say that i'm in love with Belarus and especially Minsk.Lukashenko continued a number of Soviet-era policies, such as state ownership of large sections of the economy.Elections under Lukashenko's rule have been widely criticized as unfair; and according to many countries and organizations, political opposition has been violently suppressed.

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