Dating coaches in connecticut

I will forever be indebted to Rachel for her guidance, inspiration and tough love.I was married for 23 years in an empty marriage filled with deep resentment loneliness and abuse. I followed her guidance to lose weight, dress better and even bought a new sheitel. Having spent many years searching for a husband, Rachel helped smooth the rocky roads of those years.I give you tools for today and solutions for a lifetime.

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My second expertise is in Marriage Solutions where I help couples reclaim the joy of married life.

We will help you get into the proper 'headspace' for your date and identify any mental blocks that are preventing you from having the most enjoyable and connective time.

After your date, we can help you do an analysis of what went well and what could have gone better.

Finally, I am a Relationship Counselor who teaches strategies to improve and strengthen connections within your home, work and spiritual life.

What sets me apart is my unique ability to get to the core issue in the very first session and provide you with a signature step-by-step action plan.

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