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Our free Personal Stylists are happy to help you find perfect wedding-guest dresses, strappy sandals and lingerie to wear under the most challenging necklines.

It’s as true now as it was 150 years ago: the fashions people wear are indicators of their times.

Hair oils, Macassars, or pomatums were used by almost all men during the mid 19th century and gives the appearance of a wet look to the hair.

When it comes to warm-weather trends, we've got you covered.Sausage curls and ringlets were popular in the evening, but some women did their hair this way for a photograph.Hairnets, or nets, were sometimes worn during the Civil War era.Skirt and petticoats for girls were mid-calf and the pantaloon was ankle length.As girls developed a bustline, skirts and petticoats get longer until they were ankle length or longer.

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