Dating british guys vs american guys

After all, it seems like American women and British men go hand in hand.As someone I recently interviewed put it, “I don’t know if I could move back to America and date there again. I'm an 18 almost 19 year old girl, and am thinking about traveling across Country someday, and I was just really curious on what opinions British guys have about Americans, and whether they would be opposed to dating them or not.I really love world culture and anything of that nature, and I definitely wouldn't mind dating someone from a different Country if I ever got the chance to. I'm more to myself most of the time (Not standoffish, I'm just really shy, so it's hard for me to strike up a conversation easily) It'd be really nice to hear on what British guys think of dating Americans or just what they think of them in general.Mainly, two boyfriends, a dozen questionable Tinder dates, and plenty more interesting encounters in London’s various clubs, pubs and bars.

Well, maybe more so now that Wimbledon and the World Cup have ended.

What to expect British men tend to sit back, observe and wait for the birds to flock to them.

Literally, they different and stand out as such – different clothes, accent obviously and even scent (which is very nice, just to clarify) – hence making them desired, possibly more than they actually deserve to be.

British men are such gentlemen and polite and want to be in a relationship…it seems to match well with outgoing, louder American women!

”Although I’m a born and bred Californian, I’ve only ever dated British boys in London, so I too have a bit of experience in the matter.

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