Dating boker razors

With its practical 5/8" blade, it is the ideal knife for every morning, easy to use, and provides a very good shave even for inexperienced users.

The non-stainless blade is made from best Solingen Straight Razor steel and easily handles everyday shaving.

Our vintage straight razors have been meticulously restored.

One of our restoration specialist, who spends the majority of his time honing the production razors, gets a much deserved break from ‘work’ when we make a purchase of vintage straight razors.

Made from black..." data-images="// v=1549861579^Boker Straight Black Leather Razor Sheath^7313927143529~// v=1549861597^Boker Straight Black Leather Razor Sheath^7313927995497" data-collection-handles="accessories,boker,boker-accessories,cases-sheaths" The paired grain sizes of the premium Asian combination water stone are each designed for rough and finish sharpening and ensure the best possible results.

The mildly oversized width provides plenty of working surface and high grinding performance.

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Once they’re in our hands, it’s Norman Triplett’s time to shine.v=1549860310^Boker Water Stone 3000/8000^7313888051305" data-collection-handles="accessories,boker,boker-accessories,clearance,sharpening-stones" Boker is a family-owned company based in Solingen that is delightfully uncompromising in a world that's constantly cutting corners.They began manufacturing straight razors in 1869, and we're super happy that they've taken the same meticulous dedication and turned it to the making of shaving brushes.This is the classic, full-fledged set that'll tame your nails—and cuticles—with elegance whether at home or the go.The leather case is stamped with a tree, its use and authenticity protected by the German government, denoting Solingen's excellence in craftsmanship." data-regular-description="Premium cowhide leather case Five-piece set Stainless Steel Matte finish Boker is a family-owned company based in Solingen that is delightfully uncompromising in a world..." data-images="//

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