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Some other authors defined education as what a man sees in his societies, put into practice to guide his day to day activities, some also see education as transferring cultural heritage from one generation to the other.

To find common ground to all of this definition, I defined education as initiation processes that started from the day a man can react to stimuli to the day he stops reacting to stimuli.

Generally, the king and the societal leader will teach everyone staying a particular location the basic rules of the society, what the dos and don’ts are will be listed and will be passed across to the younger generations, the issue of Taboo was rampant in Nigeria as at then which is one of the ways the younger generation are initiated into the society.

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For any nation to strike a balance between infrastructural development and human development, it is imperative to invest in education, and education in Nigeria how does it started?

Our for-fathers has been practicing a form of the educational system which is known as the informal education, this type of education does not need a skilled facilitator, it is usually done by observation, instruction and it is types of education that is a hands-on type of education.

The father is responsible for the male education, the male child will be trained on how to farm, basic principle and responsibilities of men are being passed across to the male child through his father, the female child is directly trained by her mother, she will be taught how to sweep, how to cook, how to greet the elderly ones and other responsibility of women in the societies.

More fund, grants and another form of monetary supports should be made available by the government for educational purposes.

No rivers flow without a source, we have briefly looked at the History of education Nigeria, we have stated how it all began, and when it finally became a formalized system, the major challenges of education in Nigeria, much information has been embedded in this piece, all you have got to do is sit back and read.

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