Dating antique furniture hinges

Use our online search filter to select the hinge type you need.

We currently hold stock of standard, semi concealed, butterfly, overlay, spring, olive, invisible and raised barrel hinges.

Dress up any door in the house with a new mortice lockset, crystal knob door set, or bed pocket door handle – we have decorative hardware for every door you’ve got.

Finishing touches include a surface bolt, push plate, mail slots for doors, a skeleton key lock, or a pair of brass hinges.

Hang pictures in style with authentic style Victorian picture rail hangers and old-fashioned picture hooks.

Outfit your desk, furniture & cabinets with some new glass cabinet hardware, including: glass drawer knobs, metal label holders, bin pulls, glass cabinet knobs & pulls.

Add new hardware for your shutters with exterior shutter hardware like our shutter dogs or dress up an interior window with a classic window sash lock.

Are they tapered and pointed with smooth grooves, or are the ends cut and the slots offset?

Any combination of these features can help place the age of the furniture.

Many people make the mistake of looking at one or two details while neglecting the rest, but judging antique furniture is a lot like judging a painting: look at the details, but also take in an overall perspective.

For starters, look closely at the hardware—pulls, knobs, hinges, screws, nails, whatever. Keep in mind that hardware goes in and out of style just like everything else, so a large majority of antique furniture has had its hardware replaced at least once.

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