Dating and mind games

(Aka ghosted.) But if I sat there and tried to explain to my dear mother, mom he hasn’t added me on snap chat, or followed me on insta or sent me a friend request yet. Or if I told her I’m salty AF about the fact he opened my snap and didn’t answer. Or tagging each other in memes and sending pics is a whole new level everyone hopes to get to, I think my mother’s head would spin. We claim we want relationships and want to see someone but we cancel the day of for reasons we don’t even know. Everyone says they hate being single but they’d rather spend a Friday night alone watching Netflix and swiping than try stepping out their front door.

You constantly post jolly vacation #usies even though you two argued your way through Mexico. You throw out passive aggressive comments like "I'm fine" and "Have fun" only to keep your true feelings a secret and your boyfriend guessing.

You allow your hot gent to kiss you with morning breath, but let the sexual tension to slowly build up like wooden blocks.

FYI: Not letting your libido loose just turns it into the towering elephant in the room.

The stars align on a random Friday night, so you connect in the bedroom and get down to business without any bells or whistles. Fastest way to remain single: You sit alone racking your brain about his whereabouts because God forbid you make a move first, right?

You roll the dice to see who's prime real estate on your roster and who cannot pay for 0 dates or pass go.

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