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Addicts need to learn to recognize the patterns of feelings, sexual or otherwise, that drive them to drink or abuse substances.

Only then are they ready for new relationships, or of rekindling an old one. A recovering addict also needs to move slowly, whether in a new or old relationship.

In treatment we learn that preserving sobriety involves more than merely reshaping the habits of drug or chemical use, it also requires throwing away stereotypes and reshaping old attitudes that have been hammered in over the years.

In treatment the addict learns to start taking care of his/her own needs.

It is important to mention that drug and drinking problems can be sexual problems in disguise.

Sex plays a major role for some individuals who become chemically dependent.

And, likewise, must also talk openly talk about his/her sex life. Avoiding sex may leave an individual poorly prepared to cultivate relationships that don’t revolve around, for example, singles bars and drinking, causing an addict to lose that hard-earned sobriety within months or weeks.

Sexual fears and insecurities may be the force that drives a user to drinking or use drugs in the first place.

When we begin to neglect our responsibilities—work, family, friends—in search of personal pleasure, we then call this phenomenon an addiction.

And, when someone comes to the end of the rope with addiction, they often recognize that the only way to undo the damage is to go into what we call sobriety, or recovery.

Though, as a society, we are not trained to talk openly and honestly about sex. If only pleasure were such an easy thing for us to comprehend.

Nonetheless, we grow up recognizing and knowing, intrinsically, the need we have for sex and the roles it plays; with one of it’s main functions being procreation. As a society, not only are we discouraged from talking about the pleasure that sex brings us, we are also led to recognize the detriments of deriving too much pleasure.

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