Dating an ungodly man Livesexchating

Many of these people are the modern day versions of the Pharisees that gave Jesus so much trouble.If you are seeking a good Christian man, the last thing you want is to end up dating or worse, marrying, a man who is only pretending to be a good Christian.

He might not get along with the congregation through no fault of his own.Just because your man is not as enthusiastic about attending church as you are does not mean he is necessarily not a Christian.It could be that he prefers a different feel than the church you are currently attending.Worship might feel like a waste of time to him, especially if you two attend a church where there are not opportunities for him to show off his “faith” and increase his piety credentials.He might also be uncomfortable or unwilling to attend church because being surrounded by those who are true believers forces him to confront the fact that he is not truly one of the faithful.

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