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I had more ambiguous female genitalia than male so it made more sense at the time.

I was in to performing arts and sometimes I wasn’t in school because I was going to the Royal Albert Hall five times a week or I was training as a dancer; hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, krunk and jazz.

That’s good to hear because there are a lot of people who even now don’t understand what that means. When you would date people when you were younger would they be accepting? When you go onto You Tube and see the comments people are losing their minds!

Yeah, you made a Youtube video with your penis out and were also shot by Harley Weir nude. A lot of trans people talk about taking the focus of fascination off the genitals or the surgery, so I’m interested...

But then every year that it was going on, I started feeling less like I wanted to be any gender and more like I just want to be me. Roshaante Anderson: I was very much happy with my feminine side and very much happy with my masculine side. I was in a relationship and she really helped me focus on the fact of: “You’re going to go and do this because this is what you really want.

But when you get into high school and everything is more divided by gender, and as you get into being an adult, instead of an adolescent, you have to be in control of your life, whereas I felt like I wasn’t. My body, partly, but also my sexuality – which nobody even thinks about when it comes to being intersex – because I didn’t know who to date, what to date, where to date. This is why I can be and why I want to be one of the ones that are out there. You’re not doing it for no other reason.” I went ahead and had chest surgery first.

I felt like I was living a double life like Hannah Montana and I felt like it couldn’t go on any longer because it would have ended up in catastrophe. The sexuality side of things came into things a bit more because everyone had a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever they were interested in. I have felt the trauma of being knocked down so much that I already feel powerful within myself to carry a community. I had some problems after my top surgery with my nipples but I just went to a tattoo artist and got that fixed real quick. They’ll never give you – especially not on NHS – everything that you want done at the same time. I have another visit coming up soon to fix my arm again for the third time [they take the skin from the arm to construct the penis]. I’m squeamish so it’s hard that it’s constantly ongoing.

It was like I was growing up really and truly half and half.We found out I was intersex when I was 11 years old because although my parents were raising me as a girl I was getting a lot of masculine traits.Not like your average tomboy who wants to go and play football – facial hair was growing, my voice was getting very deep, my body was shaping to be masculine – you name it!Roshaante Anderson is a 24-year-old, model, You Tuber and activist.He is known for his honest and sometimes galling videos in which he tackles the topics that others are too afraid to take on; the possibility of making a mistake when you change your body or the difficulties of self-acceptance when living with dysphoria.

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