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The company merged from M and M Manufacturing Company and The Giant Tire & Rubber Company.

Both were purchased by the same people in 19 respectively. The conglomerate manufactures automobile, light and medium truck, motorcycle, racing, and other types of tires.

BRIO LED DISC Resolve clearance issues with the low-profile Brio Disc that measures only 1/2" high.

Direct install (no can needed) using steel spring clips and remote driver with junction box; Type IC and Wet location rated.

Mark Andol, owner of General Welding & Fabricating, Inc., founded Made In America Store in 2010 "for country, for soldier, for American worker, and for our children's future." His mission was to create and save American jobs by increasing manufacturing in the U. Since then, Made In America Store has welcomed more than 800 tour buses from as far as Texas, Minnesota, Florida, and Maine.

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The company was named after Charles Goodyear – the inventor of vulcanized rubber, which became a breakthrough in tire making.EPIQ MAG Dow NLIGHT High performance downlight series with deep regression, integrated heat sink, and remote driver with junction box.Direct install (no can needed) using steel spring clips; suitable for retrofit, remodel, or new construction.FRAMEWRX EXTERIOR This new series of modern sculptural exterior fixtures for residential and light commercial use.Create energy efficient lighting along pathways, courtyards, gardens, and walkways with coordinated path lights, bollards and sconces.

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