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The length of this family changed to be 91mm in the early 1950's; along with many other major changes that occurred around that time: such as the change to aluminum liners, change of distance between the rivets, introduction of the new 1951 can-opener etc.

You might be an adventurer who spends his days in the wild, surrounded by breathtaking nature.

Wenger’s Ranger serie in 120 mm was introduced in 1990 and manufactured at least til the end of 2007.

In this post I want to show two special models produced in 2011.

Other features of the tool also changed, for example the scales progresssed from the original wooden handles, to fibre, then celluloid, and finally Cellidor (and occasionally Nylon); bails, keyrings, toothpicks and tweezers were added.

The individual tools also evolved and changed as Victorinox refined their designs.

The knife's popularity was critical at the time, as the company () was close to bankruptcy, and its success is credited with saving the company.It’s like the used car salesmen that ask me what my favorite color is or show me the vanity mirror. — Sarah Linn Downing (@Sarah_Linn) June 24, 2019 As someone who’s worked in customer service it’s not uncommon to give the customer info on what products you like.They might not be relevant but you want to impart confidence is the brand.Karl Elsener therefore developed a lighter and more elegant knife for officers, which had even more functions.He called this new model of pocket knife, which had only two springs for six tools, the ), and over the next 100 years spawned a whole family of models, as Victorinox added more and more tools to their pocket knife.

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