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There are many of his followers out there who really want to know about his life behind the curtains.So, here are the details of his married life, wife, and much more.Also, his comedic role with different characters in his shows played a part in spreading the rumors.But those rumors have since been shattered as Novak is a married man living his best life with his wife.Although a native of England, Kayvan has not let go of his Iranian culture.He often visits his ancestorial home and still follows the culture with a whole heart.At the time when he took a week off for Thanksgiving in November 2012, he collaged with his son on Thanksgiving NBC 5.

His outstanding performances have helped him become nominated for some awards.Stefan and his wife announced that they are having a first baby on March 8, 2017.As we know Stefan Holt and his father Lester Holt is on the same career pathway.He has already made his way to the success at his young age.The 29-year-old anchor Stefan has lots of viewers from all around the world.

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