Dating a man with herpes

) and consider dating sites for people with herpes.

It’s not surprising that you’re starting to wonder whether you really have to disclose that you have herpes before becoming sexual with the men you date, but your decision so far to do so is the right one.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about dating with herpes!

Genital Herpes is surprisingly common, yet most people who have it don’t even know it.

We tried that, but he hated condoms and was unhappy with our sex life because of that.

He wouldn’t engage in oral sex with me because he was afraid of herpes.

Since then, I’ve met two man I’ve liked, but eventually both rejected me because they couldn’t get past the fact that I have herpes.

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At that time, my doctor told me I had genital herpes.

I was monogamous during my marriage (I can’t vouch for my husband) and had no partners between our divorce and the diagnosis.

Dating With Herpes will teach you how to minimize your symptoms, reduce your risk of spreading herpes to your partners, how to talk honestly and knowledgeably about herpes, date more successfully and have a happier and healthier love life than ever before.

Yes, herpes will change your life – but for the better!

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