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I only point this out because frequently the media labels scientific and observed reality as being “sexist.” Or to women in some way.Enough said…)So if we recognize that egos are necessary, we realize that a man’s “enhanced” (AKA – larger) ego is a benefit, not an encumbrance.People with big egos are able to go with the flow, they can stay focused on their goals and keep a healthy perspective.They don’t fall into episodes of hopelessness when they meet with failure or have feelings of invincibility when they are victorious.I am not saying every CEO or every rock star, or so on is a narcissist (or even has a big ego, although most truly successful people do have a solid, positive ego). A big ego, which includes high self-confidence and realistic expectations, is generally healthy (perhaps annoying, but healthy none-the-less).Narcissism involves exaggerated self-confidence, an inflated view of one’s abilities and unrealistic expectations of themselves and others. It is based on realistic successes, solid self esteem, and the ability to get through times of difficulty regarding achieving your goal (such as hard work or rejection).Some of the traits of narcissism –such as inflated sense of self-confidence, arrogance and egocentrism are frequently attributed to people with a “big ego”.But how can you tell if a person “just has a big ego” or if that person has crossed the line into the realm of narcissism?

Although there are important differences, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish a high-functioning narcissist from someone with “just a big ego”. Every narcissist has a big ego but not every person with a big ego is a narcissist.Narcissists can be great performers in their chosen field because their exaggerated sense of self-confidence spurs them on to succeed.They need to show the world just how important they really are.Most of us exhibit mild traits of narcissism; a certain degree of self interest is healthy and demonstrates good psychological health.Freud wrote that healthy narcissism is an essential part of normal development.

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