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One evening, after one too many drinks, some demon took over my brain and I con- fessed that I thought he was too boring for me.

I gave him a long list of all the ways he wasn't interesting enough: He was always even-tempered. I hadn't planned on it—inexperienced as I was with intimacy, I thought I was just airing my feelings. I didn't know what I would do without his hugs and gap-toothed smile.

On our third, he told me he was only interested in a committed relationship. But even though it was what I'd always said I wanted, the word monogamy sounded a lot like monotonous. He used to own a recording studio and now had a less-exciting gig as a construction manager.

He had a cheerful disposition and didn't swear at drivers.

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Without that, the romance seemed to lose a certain thrill.If that's not possible, spend as little time with the dude as possible.Great excuse to have a white wine-soaked girls night!By our second month of dating, Peter told me he loved me, that I was beautiful, that he liked my shoes, and that he was the luckiest man in the world to find me.We didn't always have the pyrotechnic chemistry of a one-night stand, but we had a constant warmth that made me want to cuddle up next to him.

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