Dating a foreign exchange student

If you aren´t convinced by the 6 reasons why you should do a high school exchange, maybe the statistics of it all will help you clear your mind.For example, you are twice as likely to find a job within 12 months after you graduate.

Here is a list of things NOT to ask or say to an exchange student and the thought they will probably have when someone does.

Leaving everything we know just feels natural to us.

We also won´t get attached to our new country which we then have to leave for an indefinite amount of time so we don´t really suffer any emotional trauma or anything.* *Please note this was sarcasm. Or even worse, when people go around and imitate your accent but in a really wrong and offensive way.

I actually believe your heart grows within your exchange year to fit in all the amazing people you meet. That’s the country where *insert crazy fact or well known serial killer from your country or even worse, from a neighbouring country*. I grew up in a different culture, doing things differently and it would be much more helpful if you guided me through the process of adjusting and adapting to this new culture instead of calling me weird. First of all, if you are going to try and do accents you better get it right because otherwise (and even if you get it right) you will probably only offend people.

I don´t have the science to back this up but take it as a fact and trust me, 10 years from now studies will prove this theory to be true. Now let me tell you exactly what your country is like because you don´t already know that¨ I am fairly certain every exchange student will meet at least one person that will tell them about your host country as if they know much better. Second of all, why don´t you learn another language before you start making fun of me. Some days more, some days less, but I won´t let a temporary feeling get in the way of doing something amazing, something that I really want.

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