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• For men, the best strategy is not looking directly at the camera and don’t leer, grin or wink.

• Don’t wear a hat – it will cast shade across your face and hide your hair, one of the features that viewers are most interested in seeing. • Usually your online dating portrait will be a simple head and shoulders shot, but if you are able to add more pictures, there are some sure-fire winners and losers – pictures that show you doing something interesting, holding an animal or in an interesting place are all conversation starters.

• On the other hand, pictures which show you in bed, with other people or drinking generally act as a turn-off.

In particular, don’t upload one of you with your ex!

• Choose a photograph in which you’re in the foreground; a distant shot, cropped to fit, will lose definition and focus.

• If you’re taking a photograph for your online dating picture, pay particular attention to the lighting. • Choose a photo in which you look happy, relaxed and most like yourself.

In addition to the radiocarbon dating technique, scientists have developed other dating methods based on the transformation of one element into another.

The state Office of Information Practices OIP invites you to test your knowledge of Hawaii s Sunshine Law requiring open public meetings.

Whether you’re using an online dating service to find a soul mate, someone for a few laughs or simply to expand your circle of friends, you’re going to need a recent photograph of yourself.

And the thing to remember as you upload your dating picture is that first impressions count – your photograph is the most influential factor on a potential partner’s decision to contact you.

Follow our guidelines and your dating profile portrait will make a real difference to your chances: • Choose a picture in which your features are clearly defined.

People respond better when they can see a person’s eyes.

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