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She had decided not to attend college just yet, as she had found a job she enjoyed and would soon be earning more money than her father she said, but at the moment it was an apprenticeship. My cooking skills were limitless and the Chef was impressed, I worked from lunch to dinner, working 12pm to 8pm, then giving me enough time at home to spend with Sophie during our own dinner and a late night of chatting.

So after a month I decided maybe it is time to meet someone, I was more comfortable to talk on the internet rather than face to face and if someone I enjoyed talking too would meet face to face eventually, then who knows where it might lead.

We seemed to like each so much, we discussed things in the news and little snippets of information about each other, likes and dislikes.

We just seemed to click and I was getting really close to maybe meeting this person, who knows.

I used to get on with my family, but I just felt so lost and lonely myself. Rose Petal01: Yes, but every guy I meet seems to missing something and I either get bored early on or the sex is really bad.

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But I want, no need someone to help me out, give me something to look forward to, because my job though good, is only something I do for money and a distraction, I need someone in my life. Rose Petal01: I don't know if I can help u with the dating part, but I would be interested to be ur friend.I said she could get something better, but she argued that it was just for a bit of work and the internet.The man at the shop helped me out on how to share the internet and I brought a router, that the laptop would wirelessly pick up the internet.Someone sent me an email, asking me to write a story about a Mother and Daughter, who unknowingly chat with each other, until they meet at a restaurant. * About 2 months ago my daughter asked for her own computer and internet connection in her room.She simply was tired of sharing mine, especially if she wanted some private time. Just sometimes a meet someone on a chat site and things get a little hot.

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