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javabeans: 'Cause if they don't like it, Seo-jin's gonna be cooking back at the guesthouse!Sunny is more worried about the distance than Seo-jin is, which makes me think she's seen Season 1, and worriedly breaks the news to Geun-hyung halbae.Na PD even admits that he made Sunny talk to Il-sub halbae because he was scared of the reaction if he were to say it.girlfriday: It cracks me up, their twin reactions to it in real time.

girlfriday: They decide on a restaurant that's pretty far away, and Na PD needles them with the ominous warning that their choice will determine the rest of their night, as if it's do or die.

javabeans: It's worse when Na PD gives Seo-jin this LOOK and quietly murmurs, "You know they're both angry, right? " I do sort of love that because Sunny is here, the boys have banded together.

girlfriday: I know, it's suddenly a different dynamic, and Na PD is no longer the enemy.

Then she pauses to join Geun-hyung halbae when he peers at storefronts, and Il-sub halbae starts looking unhappy, and then HA!

, we get the theme song to girlfriday: With every line of the song, Il-sub halbae is getting crankier and crankier.

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