Ct dating diem real world

Production tries to edit this season to make it look like CT fought Adam due to some elaborate story with Diem and Shauvon, but CT was angry from the moment he landed in New Zealand.

When Isaac told a joke, CT apparently got really offended and shoved him, trying to him to throw a punch.

A clip from this fight was shown during a season trailer, but never made the cut on the final show.

On The Duel 2, CT came onto the show looking for a fight.

We all saw Laurel give Eric a verbal lashing on Cutthroat, but this wasn’t their first scuffle.

On Dirty Thirty, Jemmye almost quit after a prank gone wrong. Of course, Jemmye freaked out and was angry this was allowed.

Well, the two girls allegedly got into a fight on Vendettas when Melissa put Kailah on a two person team during the eating challenge making it harder for Kailah to win.

The fight then escalate to almost physical (shoving may have been involved) and cast members had to break it up.

Here are some of the fights we never saw, at least not in full.

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