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As the executive producer of the soon-to-debut Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn on CBS, Mr.

Kimball is running an actual major-network program. In 1994, he went to Kiev, Ukraine, to produce programs on market reform for the United States Agency for International Development.

Kimball crossed paths with him later at HBO’s Not Necessarily the News and Fox’s short-lived The Wilton North Report . I think of the vast range of possible things to watch at A. But before he could put out a single issue, the company was sold to J2 Communications Inc. “Being on-air is not a preference of mine,” said Mr. “There are people, like Craig, who love being on camera, and I’m not one of them.

“Conan was one of the first people I called when I took the job,” said Mr. M.-the people watching Jewels of the Hapsburgs on A&E, that’s my competition.” Although Mr. O’Brien’s young, male fan base is virtually identical to Mr. O’Brien has had six years to win them over to his own brand of irony. (the producer of Tim Conway’s Dorf on Golf video) and Mr. No matter; at the time, he was already a producer-performer for Ha! But I’ve learned how vulnerable performers are, and it’s definitely improved my bedside manner.” After Ha!

and don’t want her to get mad at me and think that I’m dating Monica.” Last year, Green was forced to fight off false rumors that he dressed up as Hitler and crashed a bar mitzvah.

Billy Kimball is well known in the television industry for being charming and funny and all that, but he’s also known for having a career that one of his friends described as “erratic.” Now, after more than a dozen years spent bouncing around behind the scenes in TV comedy, he’s getting a shot at the success that many feel has eluded him.

His mother is Janet Ferguson and his father is Robert Ferguson.Redican mischievously added that it looked like Tom had “squired” Monica to the event.Suddenly, phone lines to their agents were burned up with calls from reporters wanting to hear the salacious details of the steamy relationship.The change in hosts means an about-face for CBS at A. Snyder, 62, is a sincere fellow with a big laugh who likes a long, in-depth interview, especially with stars of yesteryear like Robert Blake and Rosemary Clooney; Mr. Kilborn’s vain persona helped make Comedy Central’s The Daily Show a hit, but he was not known to write his own material or to be congenial on the set. “Craig Kilborn is the closest thing to an on-air approximation of Billy,” said Jay Itzkowitz, a senior vice president of Fox Television and a friend of Mr. But even some of his friends call him a “brilliant failure” with a “checkered” career. Kimball at Comedy Central (though she did not work for the network).Kilborn, 36, who rose to some prominence first at ESPN and then at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show , is glib, ironic and a little mean. He once told Esquire that the show’s co-creator Lizz Winstead would “blow” him if he wanted her to; although he may have said this “ironically,” Ms. In 17 years of professional comedy, he’s participated in more aborted projects than successes. “He represented all that I, as a country bumpkin from New Jersey, thought was wonderful about New York City.” “He’s a real New Yorker, like me,” said Ms. Kimball’s date to Time magazine’s 75th-anniversary dinner last year. “We go to musicals-we ran out to see Robert Goulet in Camelot together.

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