Courtship and dating in spain

They really know how to make a woman feel special over there.

Unlike the so-called men here in the States, European men know how to treat a woman right.

After a cheap coffee, which to them always tastes better than anything they've ever had, because they're in Europe, it's time to walk them.

Now, all they know about Rome is what they've read in Let's Go, so you can pretty much just make up a whole bunch of shit.

I just didn't want to type out every constituent nation of the EU.

In the US, you're often able to drive beginning at age 16 (and many people "own" a car at that age, or soon thereafter).Once, just for the hell of it, I told a psychology major from the University of Maryland that a public staircase was part of the Spanish Steps, which she'd never even heard of.Another time, I told this blonde from Michigan State that the public library was the Parthenon, and she cooed like I'd just given her a diamond.and if you're young enough to be still at home, meeting the parents…and many of the other strange customs (a kiss on the doorstep) are virtually non-existent in Europe.

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