Copy and paste online dating message

The idea behind copy and paste for messaging is that you can quickly send lots of women messages by simply copying a generic message to your computers clipboard and paste this same message to a lot of women much more quickly than creating a separate and unique message for each women.If you use copy and paste messages, keep in mind you just MIGHT get your pof profile deleted.During that time I have discovered a super powerful and extremely simple 3 step shortcut for messaging women and getting dates online… Another client who I’m working with has literally gone on more dates in the past month… This is the lazy man’s seduction system if there ever was one…

You then send very long, in-depth emails to girls because you just assume they are going to reply. This kind of thing happens to just about every single guy on Plenty Of Fish. If you go to https:// you can see screen shots of my POF account and email inbox.The idea is that most guys experience the frustrating phenomenon of sending out messages to women on dating sites, like, and getting very few replies back, percentage wise.The reasons for this phenomenon is the fact that most women on dating sites are unattractive.That means the few who are attractive are getting all the emails from guys.Since they can’t and don’t want to respond to everyone, the majority of the emails these women receive get deleted, often without being read.

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