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Campus immersion dates are provided to students during orientation and there is also a schedule posted in the Nursing Caring Corner in D2L.

I have EU nationals in my team who are qualified Architects in their country and experience tells me they are off the pace compared to the range of skills I have acquired through the RIBA framework Parts 1-3. i agree about the part I - III part being worth more because it requires experience. i think it makes all the sense in the world that practicing architects should have part III, or equivalent, but to only be able to get to it through "convalidating" part I and II is utter nonsense. i also agree with jump that the requirements for qualifying varies a lot between eu countries but that it generally evens out after just a few years in practice.

i worked with continental architects when i was in london who did not know what they were doing (and were basically still students) even though they were nominally qualified in their own countries. the problem with the RIBA part 1 to 3 which isn't a UK thing (rather a commonwealth CAA thing) is that unless you trained/worked in the UK they don't want to recognise it - even if you studied under the identical scheme somewhere else I went to a SCHOSA conference last week and as I understand it - there will be a shift to in part 1 part 2 and that to enter part 2 you will not need to have necesarrily a formal part 1 qualification - it can come from other instruments - this is a great move! ¬ i think this is similar to US schools which allow qualification after a 3 year master degree - the uk system is so insular and out of date in my perspective - we need more complex thinkers who bring other knowledge into the profession - the part 1 / part 2 tends to train fodder for offices - like many US schools = i teach part 1 year 3 and have taught Dip [part 2] but even though i have been qualified in the US for 25 years and have practiced in the UK i would have to bring my original drawings from my first degree and prove to ARB [and pay £1500] that I know what i am doing in srchitecture - i fully agree that i should take part III but the rest is bull shit protectionist crap in my opinion!

Immersion dates may differ for students that have any changes to their degree plan such as, but not limited to, transfer credit, drop, fail or withdraw from courses, take leave from the University, or any change that may impact their program progress in any way.

Students are encouraged to review the immersion schedule and plan work absences, travel, and transportation arrangements accordingly.

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