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A failure to suppress unwanted memories has been linked to symptoms in a number of psychiatric disorders including the ruminative state found in depression and intrusive memories in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

However, it remains unknown how consolidation impacts the effectiveness of voluntary suppression of unwanted emotional memories.

Skin conductance responses (SCRs) were recorded simultaneously with f MRI scanning to provide an on-line monitoring of physiological reactivity associated with aversive memories.

During the post-scan testing phase, participants performed a cued-recall memory test to validate suppression-induced forgetting.

Here we report that consolidated aversive memories retain their emotional reactivity and become more resistant to suppression.

Suppression of consolidated memories involves higher prefrontal engagement, and less concomitant hippocampal and amygdala disengagement.

In parallel, we show a shift away from hippocampal-dependent representational patterns to distributed neocortical representational patterns in the suppression of aversive memories after consolidation.

These findings demonstrate rapid changes in emotional memory organization with overnight consolidation, and suggest possible neurobiological bases underlying the resistance to suppression of emotional memories in affective disorders.

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The enhancement of aversive memory is thought to be due to autonomic reactions to the emotional charge stimulating the encoding and subsequent consolidation of what is referred to as an ‘emotional memory’.However, previous studies of memory suppression typically involve materials that are acquired and recalled within minutes or a few hours.In reality, most emotional memories involve events that occurred days, months or years ago.Notably, behavioural and physiological data from another independent cohort of 25 participants were used for replication purposes to confirm the stability and robustness of the observed effects of overnight consolidation on suppression of aversive memories.An additional behavioural control experiment with face and neutral stimuli was conducted with another independent 30 participants to investigate the effects of overnight consolidation on suppression of neutral memories.(a,b) The experiment consisted of three phases, including acquisition, Think/No Think and post-scan memory test.

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