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Once you have done that, click on the gear icon at the right and choose Settings.

You should see an access number for your voicemail and next to that, you will see a Get a Google Voice number link.

If you currently use your main phone number for everything under the sun, you might have noticed that those annoying telemarketing calls have started appearing on your cell phone.

If you have a home phone, you will be bombarded with marketing calls no matter what, but cell phones have been mostly immune to this problem until recently.

The more money you’re willing to spend, the more features you’ll get.

The paid options are mostly for freelancers or people who run small businesses from home.

To be clear, you actually create a Google Voice number and then use Hangouts to make calls and send SMS messages.

The first thing to do is go to Google Voice and get it connected to your main number.

You have to open the Sideline app to see the actual number of the caller.

There are basically only five recommendations I have for apps: Google Hangouts, Sideline, Burner, Skype and Line 2.

In terms of cost, Google Hangouts is free, Sideline is a month, Burner is a month, Line 2 is a month and Skype varies depending on the number.

However, this issue isn’t just limited to Hangouts, but occurs will all second number apps.

As with all other apps, except Sideline, Hangouts is a VOIP app, meaning it uses data in order to work.

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