Consolidating excel worksheets into one

In this case, you may want to employ one of the following techniques to automate the merge.Overall, there are four ways to merge Excel worksheets into one without copying and pasting: The built-in Excel Consolidate feature can summarize data from different sheets, but it cannot combine sheets by copying their data.

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In this tutorial, I will create a Macro to consolidate worksheets with same structure into one worksheet. The following screenshot demonstrates one of possible results.The Merge Tables wizard is also included with the Ultimate Suite for Excel.Public Sub consol WS() Dim data Sht Nm As String 'the sheet name of source data Dim consol Sht Nm As String Dim consol Last Row, looped Sht Last Row, looped Sht Last Col As String Dim msgbox Rslt As Integer consol Sht Nm = Input Box("Enter the worksheet name that you want to consolidate data in") If consol Sht Nm = "" Then msgbox Rslt Dummy = Msg Box("Action cancel", vb Information) Exit Sub Else data Sht Nm = Input Box("Enter wildcard conditions for worksheet name that you want to consolidate data from" & vb Cr Lf & vb Cr Lf & "For example, type data* to combine all worksheet with name starts with 'data' (case sensitive)" & vb Cr Lf & vb Cr Lf & "Type * to conslidate all worksheets except the consol sheet iteslf") If data Sht Nm = "" Then msgbox Rslt Dummy = Msg Box("Action cancel", vb Information) Exit Sub Else If Worksheet Exists(consol Sht Nm) = False Then Sheets(consol Sht Nm). Name Next i End If Next sht Else 'user cancel create new worksheet msgbox Rslt Dummy = Msg Box("Action cancel", vb Information) Exit Sub End If Else msgbox Rslt2 = Msg Box("Worksheet '" & consol Sht Nm & "' already exists, new data will be appended beginning from the last record", vb OKCancel vb Exclamation) If msgbox Rslt2 = 2 Then 'user cancel append data to last record of desired worksheet dummy = Msg Box("Action cancel", vb Information) Else For Each sht In Active Workbook.

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