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California Senate Bill number 132 is good for males who "identify as women", but it is detrimental to females prison workers, as well as female prisoners and does nothing to address "transgender men" or women who "identify as men", in men's prisons.Female correction officers may be forced to search males.Men who "identify as women", also known as "transgender women" are not women, they are unique males, but still males.Conflating gender and sex in law is a Pandora's box of problems.Senate Bill, number 132 does not mention any studies about the impact of putting "transgender men", or females who "identify as men", in with the male prison population.

Under this law, women who "identify as men", also known as "transgender men", will be housed in the men's prison.

It seems highly doubtful that women who "identify as men" will be safer from rape and sexual assault in a men's prison than in a women's prison.

The consequences and risks for females are easily foreseen with the passing of California's anti-women Bill number 132.

The text of the legislature says that sexual assaults are often not reported and prison staff are not trained or prepared to prevent, report and treat instances of sexual assault and rape.

Protecting all incarcerated persons from sexual assault and rape should be the gold standard in any prison.

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