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And before that, Big Three wholesaler Amerisource Bergen had made an unexpected acquisition of Marken’s archrival, World Courier, for 0 million in 2012.Bringing the clinical trials logistics business under the umbrella of major drug distributors (which both UPS and Amerisource Bergen are) is being propelled both by the healthy expansion of clinical research in new therapies, and by the trend toward specialty pharmaceuticals that require high-touch services that are second nature to the courier-based services of World Courier, Marken and a few others.“Our earlier announcement of expanded clinical-trial services involved broader capabilities in more geographies of the world, more dedicated control towers, and services such as re-icing cold-chain deliveries,” notes John Menna, VP of global strategy at UPS Healthcare Logistics.“Now, this acquisition allows us to build on those services.” Wes Wheeler, president of Marken, notes that CTM management for his company encompasses some 45,000 investigator sites, hundreds of drug-development companies, and around 40 central labs around the world where, typically, biologic specimens are delivered.

Sonya Di Paolo conducts class as reverse integration student Julia Rochford (centre) and Margot Vignal listen at the MAB-Mackay Centre Tuesday, September 6, 2011 in Montreal.These services could account for about 80% of the hospital’s service spend and up to 25% of operating expenses.Easily hidden and hard to uncover, non-clinical purchased services are one of the most mismanaged spends in all of healthcare.Today, ECL is the most successful chemiluminescence technology with more than 75 applications and 20,000 instrument placements worldwide.No other IVD company can offer an automated detection technology that matches ECL’s unique blend of controlled reaction, precision and sensitivity, low sample volume, wide measuring range and rapid measurement.

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