Confidence building dating tips women Ponren

We turn on the television or read the paper, and are bombarded by examples of women with great self-confidence.

After all, we don’t want to threaten all those guys out there!

How do they continue to try, even at the risk of public failure and humiliation?

But not by pounding your chest or picking a fight with the drunk at the end of the bar. “Women look first at your attire and second at how you walk,” says Steele. Ashley Rothschild, a Los Angeles-based image consultant, suggests you emulate the look of a successful public man in your business arena. Choose from these 9 Timeless Leather Jackets.) Your stride? “Confident people are not in a hurry,” says Steele.

She also thinks you’d look hot in a leather jacket. “But there’s a difference between meandering and walking slowly with purpose.

“Females want someone who’s not going to run from a fight, a man who is confident in his ability to provide and protect.” Simply put, bravado gets the girl.

So if you want to be more attractive to women, show your swagger.

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