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Astrological love matches are apparently more complex than analyzing just your sun sign (the one you typically look at when reading your horoscope), so I was eager to get her take on my sitch.For example, even though I have four planets in Capricorn, she tells me a Cap on his own will likely be too boring for me.It’s that lack of surprise that led me to take a step back and audit this whole crappy situation: Dating apps provide us with an endless string of potential love interests, and if one doesn’t work out, it’s easy to fall into a “thank u, next” mentality.Sure, it’s good to keep in mind that there are plenty of other fish (or, in my case, Archers) in the sea, but I don’t to become desensitized. I’ve been told that I need to be talking to multiple guys at once to maximize my odds and prevent me from putting all my energy into one person. I tried that; It didn’t make me happy, because that’s not me. Wait, but are you doomed if you and your potential boo aren’t astrologically compatible?I mean, sure, maybe that kiss in the rain in takes the cake, but Nick Cassavetes isn’t exactly directing my life.So, I logged in, flipped on the zodiac filter (plus added a height requirement of at least 5’11″—in addition to zodiac sign, you can filter by things like height and activity level), and got to swiping.He texted me to say he had a great time, and I echoed.We never spoke again, and if that ending surprises you, then you probably haven’t dated recently. Apparently even the strength of the universe isn’t enough to upend the deeply engrained habits of swiping culture.

And when dating app Bumble added zodiac filters to its slate of functions late last year, I felt as though—and I will not apologize for these next four words—the stars had aligned.

I made it a point to reach out to every guy I matched with (unless he had a picture of him with a dead fish that I had missed when swiping—not because my sign is the fish, but because dead-animal photos are a no-go for me).

I heard back most often from Capricorns, but the three I went on dates with ended up being duds.

And since my rising sign is Sagittarius, having someone with Sag energy who likes to go out and be adventurous would appeal to me, even though my preliminary searches told me to steer clear of these Archers.

So I went back to Bumble and adjusted my filters, this time looking for Sagittarians.

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