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The block method involves having two large body paragraphs.

One will be the comparison paragraph that describes all of the points of comparison between the two essay subjects.

Keep the essay's length in mind when choosing a topic.

It is better to have too much information and need to be selective, than having too little to say.

Each of these two paragraphs will likely have 2-3 points of comparison or contrast.

Organize them with the strongest point coming last, the second strongest first, and the others organized logically in between.

For example, if you have an uneven number of points for each side (e.g.

However, she might argue that they are similar because they are both motivated by their appetites and lack long-term planning skills, but are differentiated by their relationships to their families.

Just make sure you have something meaningful to say on both the compare side and the contrast side.

The conclusion of your essay will be a restatement of the points within the body paragraph, as well as a description of how those points support the overall thesis.

After choosing the topic, consider the body paragraph organization.

There are two general methods for organizing your compare and contrast body paragraphs.

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