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Take both to see what superhero or superheroine you would be compatible with regardless of your sexual orientation. Other Close Matches: Madman (64%) Beast (61.6%) ironic My male counter parts are... Other Close Matches: Psylocke (66.4%) Aurora (60.4%) My Super Hero Lover is Cable 64% Match Tall, handsome and quiet Cable is the hunk you won't have today, but tomorrow. Other Close Matches: Aurora Aurora (58%) Red Sonja Red Sonja (58%)oh and for guy.... A date at the museum or a movie would be right up his alley. Marvel My Super Hero Lover is Aurora 61% Match To you, crazy is just another word for 'woman'.Loyalty is a hugely important character trait to a lot of people.Then again, there are also those people who, quite frankly, think that loyalty is overrated.Oh, and by As alluded to elsewhere on this quiz, right now we're well and truly in the middle of a cinematic superhero boom; a boom that looks like it has no end in sight just yet.That means that there's a whole plethora of comic book films booked in for a release over the next years.

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With her shape-shifting abilities, she can give you a night you'll never forget. Originally posted by xmarksthespot Batman (61%) How the hell did you get my second favourite character you aint romantic!

Some people like the aggressive, dominant type, others prefer a more mild-mannered partner.

Using the four options listed here, where do you fit on this particular spectrum?

So, out of the four styles of powers listed here, which option would be your ideal choice were you even to be given the chance of getting your own swanky superpowers?

Sure, there are a whole host of publishers and independent labels out there these days, but the comic book industry is quite clearly still dominated by Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

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