Cm punk dating history define dating program invoices

Cena’s ex-wife believes he had several affairs throughout their marriage, but this one was the most public.Another female wrestler John Cena hooked up with is 48-year-old Lisa Marie Varon.The result was an ugly public divorce that smeared Cena’s good-guy image outside of the WWE ring, as he was bombarded with numerous accusations of extramarital affairs from his ex.This one is also not a secret, because John Cena dated the second half of the Bella Twins from 2013 to 2019.She left WWE in 2012 but has returned occasionally.

John Cena’s most recent love interest, who he was first seen with walking down the street in Vancouver after a romantic dinner date, has been revealed as Shay Shariatzadeh.Also known as Victoria or Tara, she’s still one of the hottest women in professional wrestling.She has spent time in WWE and TNA, and is a multiple-champion for both organizations.Kelly Kelly, or Barbie Blank (which is just as good of a wrestling name as Kelly Kelly, if not better), is a hot wrestler who has appeared in a number of TV shows and the reality program WAGS.In 2011, she won the WWE Divas Championship, commencing a four-month reign.

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