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These kinds of dual degree programs are still relatively rare, but they are increasing in availability as student interest goes up.

Respected in all areas of higher education, a global leader in research, and one of the world’s hotbeds of entrepreneurship and innovation, UC Berkeley has been a force in shaping the future for well over a century, and its field-defining programs show no sign of flagging.

And as long as these degrees are still competitive and hard to come by, they have a special value on the job market, setting dual degree holders obviously apart from their competition.

So with a sparsely populated, still forming field, it can be hard to know what degree programs will give the best education for the best price.

The Haas School of Business – a top ten business school in nearly every ranking – and the School of Public Health have devised a dual MBA/MPH degree program that will prepare students to apply the business acumen of the Haas School to the demands of modern public health administration.

This two and a half-year program is administrated by the Haas School, so students have only one program to apply to, but receive a foundation of excellence in both to make the Berkeley’s dual MBA/MPH a value at any price.

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