Christian perspective on dating non christians

For many of you, you may not be ready to be married. Enjoy the friendships with guys around you as brothers.

When you are not equally yoked to a believer of a very close maturity level in your relationship with Christ and when you don’t have a very similar philosophy on how to live your life, then you should not enter into a relationship with that person.How you will give your time, money, and energy in service to the Lord?Are you both fine with living by faith and not have any real plans except to follow the Lord?Here’s whathe had to say: I have recently been asked to write a section for this blog on the topic of dating non-Christians.I am very excited to be able to share my thoughts since they will be coming from a young Christian man’s perspective to a female audience. To start off with, I will tell you about a few of my own personal dating experiences.

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