Christian dating a jewish man

The editor, Lisa Bonos, still stands by the piece.)Despite criticism that Purcell’s piece is a misguided contribution to a current swelling of renewed anti-Semitism, and despite a well-documented tradition of blaming Jews for stuff that’s not their fault, I would like to publicly side with Purcell.

I believe that the reason why her relationships ended were because she wasn’t Jewish, not because she sounds truly awful to date.

After a few bad experiences, I’ve deemed Christians an absolute no-no.

I won’t ever date one again, no matter what, because all Christian men are Christianity.

I guess that should have been a warning sign to stop dating Christians right away, but I couldn’t stop—I guess I just love me a tall glass of mayonnaise. I don’t even care that all Christian men wear polo shirts and khakis and boat shoes and attend Dartmouth or University of Alabama; in some ways, that’s what I’m attracted to!

Another relationship with a Christian man failed after he wouldn’t just tell me that I was a “dirty little Jew.” I know that’s what he thought, but he wouldn’t just say it!

I don’t care how many tumors you’ve removed from children: your style is going to embarrass me in public, so I won’t date you.

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I’ll never forget one time he looked me dead in the eyes and said, “I think you need to change your shirt.” He said it was because I had a massive marinara sauce stain down the front, but I know the truth: all he really wanted was to see me in a pastel-colored church dress.He was always talking about how proud he was of his nieces and nephews, so now as soon as I find out a guy I’m into is an uncle, I walk the hell out of there.I don’t see any of these decisions as problematic, even if they’re rooted in deep biases, because that would require an ounce of self-awareness, which I refuse to have.I’ve realized that other categories of men might dump me, and so I’ve cut them out of my dating diet as well. I know, based on one man I slept with when I was in a bad mood, that all short guys have small dicks and are bad in bed. A brown-haired man ghosted me, so I won’t be making that mistake again.The sex was bad because of his height, because I wasn’t attracted to him and kept saying, “You’re so small, you’re so small.” Anyway, now I don’t date anyone shorter than 5’10”. A neurosurgeon once wore some really foul cargo shorts, so I don’t date medical professionals.

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