Christian courtship and dating

Different than just dating, courtship is more of a long-term version of dating with the clarity of a commitment and vision of possible marriage.

In the secular world of dating, they will tell you to sign up for any hookup app or just swipe left or right to find “The One” based on looks.

The author mentions that in a courtship, “on a personal level, they discuss the Bible, spend time to pray and do spiritual things together.

Even have their morning and night prayers together, over the phone, of course.” According to Dorcus Guzo, the Living Water Brook blogger, in “Christian courtship: Beyond the name, practices, rules…

This is a great question and comes with different perspectives and beliefs, depending on your age and circumstances, but I will try to answer this question to the best of my ability with my research and study on the topic.

Courtship, according to Christian beliefs, is pure dating (abstaining from sexual activities) with the intention of marriage. When a man courts a woman, he makes his intentions known.

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