Chivalry while dating dating married women in uk

It didn’t matter if he was tired; it didn’t matter that the days of dating were long over.Clearly, for Anthony and Josephine courtship and courtesy never ended.She presents herself so tastefully she might as well be running a five-star restaurant in Boston rather than a charming small town pizza store on the North Shore.Sometimes her handsome twins work for a few months and the whole family seems to move as one unit, the energy of the young and old perfectly combined, each respectful of one another, all hard working.And here I was, sitting in my cold car unwilling to leave until I’d watched the entire scene play out, amazed at how a man can love a woman old-school style.♦◊♦ Anthony reminds me of my dear friend Leon who is 97.

Every time I come in to buy my son a couple of slices, I am greeted by the same homey atmosphere.

He often shares stories from his impoverished yet wonderful childhood in Italy or waxes poetic about classic movies and how they’ve sadly gone out of style.

Sometimes, as he re-stacks water bottles in the case, I hear him singing under his breath in his native tongue, usually something humorous and a bit out of tune.

Josephine’s homemade soups could rival any top restaurant’s, and when Anthony slices a pizza with his swift, well-practiced strokes, you can hardly wait for him to slip it into your box.

Somehow, no matter how tired he is, Anthony always manages to greet his customers with a smile, comfortable chatting with all ranges and types of people—from children to businessmen and manual laborers—even keeping the rowdy teens in check with a raised bushy eyebrow.

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