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It’s a clumsy plot device, and the point it seems intended to make about Western exploitation of immigrants never comes through.Nor are the Thai characters given the opportunity to become more than window dressing— offers no context on their histories or feelings or dreams, beyond emphasizing that they mostly hate their jobs.Even Robin’s ally, a criminal pathologist, fixates on her sex life, telling her he’d marry her if only he had a bigger penis.The real villain, though, is Alexander “Puss” Braun (David Dencik), a German immigrant and former academic who’s cartoonishly evil in a logic-defying way, as if the Joker ran a brothel and groomed underage girls for the sole purpose of torturing their parents.Moss, Emmy-nominated for her mesmerizing performance in , seems thwarted by the stilted dialogue she’s given here, and her spotty New Zealand accent doesn’t help.Kidman exudes bossy self-absorption as Julia, a devotee of Germaine Greer–feminism who’s consumed with parenting as it relates to her own identity.

To call Campion a living legend is to understate her achievements.

While on the topic of shows, you cannot miss the 12th International Lion Dance Competition, which will feature local and Southeast Asian lion dance troupes that will compete against each other to be the king of kings!

The entire festival kicks off during the opening ceremony on 20th January, when firecrackers would be set off, ushering in a prosperous Year of the Pig.

The vast mountains looming over yellow fields put the eerie, even surreal behavior of Laketop’s inhabitants in the right kind of frame.

When a show is so anchored by its topography, it’s hard to imagine what it might look like elsewhere—picture , Campion’s follow-up, currently airing over three nights on Sundance TV in successive two-hour installments before it heads to Hulu.

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