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Rules• Please keep your main profile picture for this group family-friendly or you will be removed or (for repeated/unfixed offences) banned; we are not a swingers or nudists group.• Don't be a dick! Respect others, and especially their privacy, at all times. get permission for photos, and what you'll do with them; don't "out" anyone without permission; try to assume good intent, and you don't know what (else) is going on in people's lives. Events The vast majority of our events are social informal chat evenings, the main one with an 18 age limit in a bar.

Several others are regular events from us or shared here from other London bi community groups, or one-offs by other activists and venues (occasionally commercial).

Turnout is strong (reliably 40 or more for the monthly bar socials, usually 10-30ish for most other official meets).

ALWAYS many new faces at every meet alongside the regulars.

As a member you're welcome to suggest social events too (but don't spam commercial events to us especially if only partly relevant, or we'll ban you and your post won't survive long).

If so, either you can run them or an organiser may help (if they have the time/motivation); best if you have previously attended other (of our own) events, so you can gauge the atmosphere and expectations.

Starred members are awesome, generally reliable people and have helped us all lots (even if from outside the group)! Planned to be the UK's first full Bisexual Pride event, organised by Bi Pride UK (registered charity).

Come say hi, we have a stall there with awesome badges, maybe some temporary tattoos, flags, facepaints in many identities of pride stripes including bi, pansexual, nb, trans, ace; also a new batch of bi umbrellas (slightly different frame than the originals) and a *limited edition* trial batch of brand new trans pride brollies!Some of the other fab groups we support will be there too (eg.Opening Doors, Lo Shearing and their Bi Survivor's Network/Stitch Bi Stitch).Accessibility: Its a very accessible venue with two ramps on the side entrances, there will be changing rooms (for trans people or other needs), BSL interpreters for both stage(s), gender neutral toilets, accessible mobiloo branded toilets, and a calming sensory space.No onsite parking, but the venue is accessible via public transport.

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