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Former Xavier assistant women's basketball coach Bryce Mc Key appeared in Kenton County Circuit Court, accused of inappropriately touching a player.

The hearing was postponed because Judge Grothaus has a third cousin married to Brian Neal, head coach of Xavier women's basketball.

The wait, the women say, was due to their conflicting feelings about Bryce Mc Key, a man they both had known for years.

“We felt like we didn’t want to get the school in trouble,” one of the women told The Enquirer.

In 2008, the University of North Carolina settled a long-standing sexual harassment suit against its women’s soccer coach by a former player.

In 2007, the women’s ice hockey coach at Boston College resigned abruptly after allegations he sent sexually explicit texts to one of his players.

It also downplays what is a growing national and global issue of sexual misconduct on the part of coaches at the elite and collegiate level.

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“We coaches know these girls their whole lives and even go to their weddings,” said one male area high school coach who asked not to be identified because he knows Mc Key. So when something like this comes out, it is shocking to all of us and, for those of us who know this young man, it’s hard to fathom.” How often does this happen?

“I never reported it or told anyone because he held all the power,” said Starr, who eventually went on to swim for Britain in the 19 Olympics.

“And I was only compelled to get involved with this after seeing how young athletes put all their trust, and even their families put all their trust, in the coach and how easily that can be manipulated.” She said that while swimming at the University of Texas, four of her teammates reported that they were sexually abused as minors before coming to college. “We now get reports at our organization of at least one such incident every week,” Starr said.

Even though there is no hard data, such sexual contact between coaches and players/athletes happens more than the public would expect, experts say.

The issue was so obvious that it led the NCAA to commission that 2012 report entitled “Staying In Bounds” that included model policies for colleges and universities nationwide and asked colleges to ban romantic relationships between coaches and players.

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