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Before she met Michael, she was sort of a ‘career girl’ herself.

She dabbled in modelling for a bit and at some point she was an executive secretary for the American Bar Association.

Con: A romantic evening would end early bcause Skyler works 18 hours a day, starting before dawn. He’s 6-foot-3, with movie star looks – and he is chairman and CEO of Utendahl Capital Partners, the largest minority-owned investment bank in America.

Pro: Plenty of closet space in his Brooklyn Heights townhouse and his weekend place in Quogue.

They come from all sorts of backgrounds and generations, with different talents and widely divergent incomes.

Con: Recently moved to Brooklyn and might not realize that only the lamest of the lame frequent Williamsburg nightspots. Pop production whiz’s maddeningly catchy beats legitimized Justin Timberlake, and cameos of his Curtis Mayfield-like falsetto are becoming ubiquitous on hits by Jay-Z and others. Pro: Likes to play the jukebox at Hell’s Kitchen dive bars.

Pro: Makes more than you do in a year to tweak a Britney Spears song. Con: If he stays over your house, make sure to have extra hair product for his artfully mussed ‘do. Brash CEO of Rocawear clothing line and Roc-a-Fella Records also owns a film company, vodka line, nightclub, and he’s undoubtedly planning a new project as you read this. Con: Is prone to obnoxious harangues against his underlings or those who question his importance. Doe-eyed son of Elite Models founder John Casablancas sings for hot rock band The Strokes. Con: Wears “ironic” 1980s concert T-shirts by Def Lepard and Michael Jackson. Next to the blustery Bill O’Reilly, this Southern-fried anchorman is probably the most recognizable face on the top-rated Fox News Channel.

Pro: His sprawling Lower East Side pad has a pool table.

Con: A road rager who was arrested in 2000 for hitting a reporter with his car in a dispute over a parking space in Tallahassee, Fla. Italian owner of ID Models can usually be found sitting in a corner banquette of whatever club just opened surrounded by a bevy of beauties. Con: If you’re not 5-foot-11 with cheekbones that cut glass, he probably won’t remember your name. Haunted-looking actor famously kissed Halle Berry while accepting his Oscar for “The Pianist.” Pro: Makes moody trip-hop music under the alias, “A. Pro: Has a private plane which he used to take Bill Clinton to Africa.

Ranger.” Con: Is serious with girlfriend Michelle Dupont, a music-industry personal assistant. Mystery billionaire was a math teacher at Dalton just a few years ago. Con: Was one of Mort Zuckerman’s partners in failed attempt to buy New York magazine. The son of Planet Hollywood tycoon and movie producer Keith Barish recently sold out his interest in three Las Vegas nightclubs to Kirk Kerkorian for million. The hunky actor dumped Mary Louise Parker when she was 8½ months pregnant and ran off with Claire Danes, but that might not last too long either.

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