Challenges of dating a younger man

Others may fear the social stigma that is attached to the age-gap relationship.

The unwanted attention can be unnerving and uncomfortable.

For all these reasons, a man in his 20s or 30s may decide that dating an older woman is just what he needs.

If you are interested in dating an older woman, then you have probably already considered the many advantages as well as the potential drawbacks. Can these relationships last, or are they best as casual and temporary arrangements?

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As trivial as they may appear at the start of the relationship, will they eventually cause a problem?As life tends to move through stages, there may be some difficulties encountered for younger men when entering into a relationship with an older woman.Some of which are immediate although he shouldn’t ignore considerations for the future.A lot depends on the stage of his life at the time.For instance, a younger man may wish to eventually have children whereas his older partner may already have experienced parenthood and does not wish to have any more.

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