Chad murray dating

So, given Murray's disappearing act, it'd appear that he'd jumped ship far too soon — and without a life jacket. This isn't to say that Murray is a bad actor or that he hasn't shown growth in his work. Murray was known for playing teenager Lucas Scott, and he did a darn good job.But successfully transitioning into adult roles isn't easy, and it can be difficult to separate oneself from his or her fan-favorite character.Whether you're a character actor or a leading man, you still have to work your butt off.Some people don't and they have short-lived careers.

And it didn't hurt that he wasn't too bad to look at either. His character, Lucas Scott, was the relatable, brooding bad boy that girls couldn't get enough of, but, to the surprise of many, the actor chose to leave the show after its sixth season, exiting with co-star and on-screen love interest Hilarie Burton, who played Peyton Sawyer.

Murray was already in his twenties when he was cast on , he was effectively thrust into career limbo, unable to snag another teen character gig for which he was known. Initially, the actress tried to file for an annulment, citing fraud as the primary reason, but that petition was denied.

Not everyone can embody a Stacey Dash, after all — the actress who played 16-year-old Dionne in star Sophia Bush (who played Brooke Davis, one of Lucas' love interests on the show). Considering the drama that went down at the end of their marriage, we don't know how the exes managed to behave professionally on set.

Not long after, the two announced that they were expecting their first child, a son who arrived a few weeks before Father's Day in 2015.

In November 2016, Murray and Roemer announced they were expecting their second child, a daughter, who was later born the following March.

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