Cellvalidating not

While the error trace made it appear that the grid cell was not validating until after the button click event was finished.

Maybe you should call me.validate or this.validate in the first line of the button's click event Thanks, I'll see if that helps. Data Property Name = "Cell_2") Then If CBool(Datagrid1("Cell_1", e. I wrote code in the cellvalidating event as follows. Data Grid View Cell Validating Eve nt Args) Handles Datagrid1. Its not permissible to have the two selected to true, but they can both be false. The only reason I'm only getting an error sometimes, is that sometimes the check: if(e. But as indicted in the previousmesssage, sometimes Rows.Count is valid, but accessing the Cells generates an error.-Tim Just an update in case anyone else runs into the same thing.

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