Cbs sportsline not updating

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Needs some updates and a bit of a new overhaul compared to some of the other apps, and fyi unlike Yahoo and other sites they don't give you your winnings till a month after when other sites fantasy games award you 7-10 days after the championship is over it could take longer they said because of how they work, so it's a bit of buyer beware for CBS pay leagues it's sad because I really enjoy CBS paired with Yahoo for some extra fun or a different style, look if you will it's 12 team league verse ten in some cases, but the outdated app where you can watch live scores only your players as it happens in the app, is unlike Yahoo and ESPN where you can stream live coverage of the game on your phone seeing real time stats as they occur, that lineup settings are a bit dull and have been the same for almost the last 5 years.

Just like I wouldn’t want a fry cook doing my open heart surgery.

The app would consistently give me illegal lineup messages when it was never illegal.

Take points away when I set my lineup for the next day, the analysis of players always have statistic and grammar mistakes like they have a intern running it.

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TRACK YOUR SCORE:-Scoring previews for every matchup every week.-Get fast and accurate fantasy point updates with Gametracker.

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